Sunday, May 9, 2010, goodbye

When I started this blog I really had no concept of how blogging; followers, content, writing in html(still don't know what that is exactly), what to write, and I wasn't really expecting what I found. I found people all over the world who I enjoyed 'hearing' what they said and I even connected with some of them in a pretty wonderful was a pleasant surprise. I found myself, I think, along the way also...which is, (at least the day I wrote my first post), why I began the blog in the first place. I have mentioned on several occaisions now that I don't feel that my blogging is really authentic, or rather, about me anymore...what I mean is that I have not really written from within myself, but from without myself....I write about everything in my life but my real self.

Am I making sense? It feels empty, my blogging, like I'm only producing to produce and I think I am in a place where I need to say "enough" and move on. In light of the recent events with my Niece, her suspension from school, her father kicking her out of her house and all of the events that lead up to that, I feel like I have contributed to the circumstances by embibing in the self agrandizing the electronic world facilitates.

I started examining what I was putting out there and why. In comparison to what my Niece was putting out there and why...I have decided that I need to pull back. And, this blog no longer fits its description, so, I will be closing it.

However, I am not done reading and cannot imagine what my morning would look like if I didn't have my favorite blogs to read.

At a later time, I will start a new blog, with a different focus and content, perhaps I will use only writing prompts and really delve into whimsy.....or make my focus my photography. I will be hanging out on Flickr....making an effort to shoot something every day and posting over there.

When I come back to blogging, I will stop by, I'm hoping those that have been here all along will recognize my voice.


Saturday, May 8, 2010

Thursday, May 6, 2010

The fight against Breast Cancer....Please Help!

I have mentioned here before that my sister, Candace is fighting cancer. Every time things look like she has beaten it, we get bad news....she ALWAYS rallies....she is my hero.

This weekend where I live, is the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure, my family is walking in the event, my 14 year old Niece spearheaded our team, (she wanted to walk for Aunt Candace)....even Candace will be walking with us....

This post is a request for a donation. I know that times are hard and maybe you have already donated to another participant in your area or another cause that is close to YOUR heart, God Bless You. Please if you can, here is the link to my donation page and our team's page, if you can......Donate Here

I am reaching out where ever I can, through my blog, Facebook, personal email....

To anyone who is battling this horrible disease or any family member or friend of someone battling, my heart goes out to you, as do my prayers.

The photo you see above is of me and my sisters, my friends, my heroes, each for different reasons, we planted a Pink Promise Rose in Candace's honor about a year ago....we prayed that day, as we do everyday for her.

Thank you for your visit.