Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Pour Your Heart Out.......

It has been a while since I last blogged. Sadly, it is because I don't have time. I don't even have time to read for pleasure anymore. Be careful what you wish just might get it! Last time I posted I had just started my new job as a medical assistant, yay me! I am so grateful for the experience I received at that first temporary position at a family practice. You learn a ton of different things, giving you perspective. Today, I am working in Cardiology - my goal, achieved! It is a wondrous new experience and I finally feel like I am home. Almost daily I pinch myself as I cannot believe I made it. I remember wondering so many times if I was going to get here, if I was good enough, strong enough and compassionate enough. Every day something new and wonderful happens. Some things are small and only noticeable to me, other things are huge and mind boggling and I have to confirm with someone else how cool it is just to be sure I'm not dreaming. Gratitude abounds.What a ride.

Today my life is so different than it was this time last year. It's funny how when you achieve your dream you look back at the road you traveled and wonder, "how did I finally get here". I've also discovered the dream has changed, morphed, grown, matured and is now just a little bit bigger. The road changed me and the dream,which I believe is the purpose of the road, right? I'm sure age contributed, maturity has a way of mellowing a person out and shaping them. I am shaped differently than I was last June. I'm still me, just a better, happier me. I have also discovered that even when your dream is realized, life is still life and not all parts of our life will be as fabulous as the realization of the dream. Dream realization is not a fairy tale come true, but the realization of the true you. Your best you. My life isn't perfect, but it is the life I was made for.

I am still taking care of Mended Little Hearts, I am still learning how to be a medical assistant and I am continuing to find purpose. There is an entire congenital heart defect world in which I would like to make some kind of difference. So, here I to push the dream along.......<3