Thursday, January 7, 2010

First Quarter in review

(this picture is not enlarging the way I would have it....damn blogger)

I took the last final for this quarter today! Yipppppeeeeee! Scored A's in all three of my classes, yeeeee haaawwwww! (Not that it was difficult, I think I picked the bonehead college to go to, but that's another post). So, I am off for a week and a half...classes begin again after MLK day. I'm not really feeling the ol' "yay, it's vacation time" because we just got back to school from the holiday break, but Oh, well, I think I'll get some heavy reading done while on break.

I got my classes for next quarter all sorted out on Monday. I feel like I'll actually be taking some classes that will be a challenge, I feel like I coasted through the first quarter, but not ANYMORE..... I have some meat to sink my teeth into this time....(I hope this doesn't bite me in the arse).... Anatomy/Physiology, Medical Terminology, English Composition and Research, Psychology and computer programs.

I'm really looking forward to this quarter, for some reason I just have this need to 'hunker down' and get moving. Maybe it's the weather, kind of like if I have to hibernate I would like to be doing something productive, eh?

As for the "LOVE" front....still contemplating....thanks to those who've dropped by and given an encouraging word.




Cyndy said...

I have five kids in school (one at university, the others in grades 3 - 11. I feel like I am always relearning, and I love it. As a matter of fact, just finished helping oldest son with a term paper (I only edit), and I learned so much! Best of luck to you with your new courses and major kudos for the great grades!

As to the love front, thought of you when I read this: "An unmarried woman can place a sprig of mistletoe under her pillow, to help her dream of her Prince Charming. It's also said that burning mistletoe can predict whether a woman will marry well. Strong and steady burning indicates a good husband and marriage, but if the flames sputter and struggle, her marriage will do the same."

But then I also read that burning mistletoe may produce a poisonous smoke, so beware!

Brian Miller said...

yay. great job on school. dont complain, it will get harder. smiles.

on the relationship will happen.

Dayne Gingrich said...

Great job with school. I personally couldn't stand classes, but that's just me.

The love stuff. When you stop looking... IT WILL FIND YOU!!! This is soooo counterintuitive that most (me included in the past, until I did it) have a difficult time understanding. IMO, this subject is out of our control. All we can do is be the best we can be, keep our hearts open, and TRUST he/she will walk into our lives.

Thanks for stopping by CoachYourMInd ~ love that you're "walking." Keep me updated on your progress. One foot... next foot... (POOF, like magic)... results appear!

Dayne said...

Have a wonderful semester!