Monday, April 20, 2009

Creating a new possibility

I have an appointment on Saturday with a resume writing service. Yes, I'm going to pay someone to write a resume for me. I have a resume, but, it is pretty bland and structured for my current field, which I hate. I spent some time interviewing the owner of the writing service and explained to her what my goal is.....moving, we will meet on Saturday and she will craft the door with which I hope to walk through out to a new beginning. Now, just what do I want this new super dynamic resume to say? Good question? Probably ought to have an idea of what I want to do before we build my future, eh? I just worked up a cover letter for something vague that I would like to make happen. Given my personal experience with open heart surgery and all of the life experience that comes with that, I'd like to find a place in the medical world in a professional capacity that does not require me going to medical school.....or any long term school of any type. I know, I'm expecting a miracle, but, you know what? I'm due a miracle. Yes, I've already recieved many miracles, but, seriously, it's time for another one, a miracle that shows me the way to my soul work. And, I know I can help people in a non-needle, non-body fluid, non-technical way. I know, crazy, huh? But, what is risk, adventure, daring without a little bit of crazy? I am going to appeal to every pediatric cardiologist I can find within a 50 mile radius, even a couple hundred mile radius, the Heart Association, too, hoping that someone will find me amusing enough to grant me an audience....if only to have me certified insane and institutionalized.

Really, what I want, is to help. To be a solution. To give people experiencing struggle with something I've lived through, hope. To hold the hand of a kid scared out of his mind and just by being present, show him that everything is going to be okay. To be the calm in the middle of a critical storm. To be the soft quiet voice that comforts a Mom waiting for her child to come out of surgery. To be the doctor's feedback for how to make things better for his or her patient and the patient's family. To give. To make a difference. Perhaps it is too much to hope for. See? This is why I need a miracle.

Miracles aside, creating opportunity is certainly in order. God helps those that help themselves, right? I do feel a Divine pull toward the world where my heart has been fixed, repeatedly. I think about this vague place in the medical world alot. Maybe the place already exists, I just don't know how to get there and believe me, I've googled it, there are no quick directions.....only serious requirements for some kind of degree. I am not deterred, though, I've been making stuff up my whole life, what's one more story?

I am excited about the resume writing, it gives me hope. (Seriously, HOPE is stalking me).

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Anonymous said...

I don't think it is performing miracles, your caring nature shines through in this post and all the people you help will be the better for knowing you.

CJ xx