Saturday, April 25, 2009

Opening the door.....the beginning

Today was RESUME' day! Ta Da!!!!! I know, how exciting could that be? Well, let me just tell you.....I think sometimes opportunities are created for us, (by the Divine) to meet certain people. While the interview/collaboration for the resume seemed to go quite well, I felt like the resume writer and I connected. Not in some weird creepy way, but, in a way that was helpful. I say helpful, rather than 'electric' or 'stupendous' because the interchange was helpful to my outlook and I need that right now. She seemed to GET ME....which is very important to me, for the person who is going to help craft the door to my future, get what I'm trying to do. It is a huge undertaking to depart from a long time career and start over again at middle age, I don't care who you are or where you come from, especially if you do not have any type of secondary formal time a long time ago my best friend and I were having a discussion about being a good 'saver' (money in the bank) and she said something very profound to me that I've NEVER forgotten, "you don't want to be a WalMart greeter for the rest of your life, do you?" That covered alot of bases for me and NO, I do not want to be a WalMart greeter for the rest of my life (not that there is anything wrong with being a WalMart greeter if that works for you), I want more than that. I don't have any children of my own, so, leaving a legacy isn't really an option, but, I want to leave a mark of some kind, a good one, that says, "I was here", finding someone to craft the door to my future, who get's that, was critical for me.

The hour we spent discussing my career, spanning 25 years, she asked me questions about transitions between each of my jobs and as I was sharing with her how I happened to end up in each new job I was reminded how fortunate I have been in my career. I've never really 'wanted' for a job, every time it was time for me to move on, the next opportunity just sprang up in front of me. I have been very blessed, even this last time, as much as I hated to go back, the opportunity was handed to me to get back into the business, in a very good position. Again, all things happen as the Divine designed.....I am where I need to be for the time being, even if the discomfort is only a device to force me to face my fear and take the leap.

Other epiphanies came to me through the course of the interview, like, whom I have met along the way, who is still in my life and who is not. You might be familiar with that saying "people come into our lives for a reason, season or a lifetime..." well, just reviewing my career highlighted that for me. Some of those intersects I am truly grateful for, others, not so much, but, I acknowledge their purpose, either for my benefit or the other person's. My BFF is a gift from the Universe for having made the journey and if for no other reason I have our friendship to be eternally grateful for. (She is supposed to be reading this blog on a regular, "here's to you Sista'"). (I used the word "epiphanies" for her benefit, as well).

Moving on.....sheesh, sentimental and schmaltzy....that's me, one big, fat cliche'!!!!! Back to the resume collaboration....anyway, I think I've made a good connection and that I will find great success with my new door to the future. We are to meet again in a week to go over the finished project and concur on it's content and design and then I will have my first tool in my toolbox for my job search. We discussed many other things, some of which included my game plan, which I have semi-formulated already - just bomb everyone I can find related to the "heart" world with my story and my resume and hope for the Divine to point the way. I'm not unrealistic in my expectations for finding something outside of my current field in the short term, it may take a year or two before I get my foot in the door to where I want to be. In the interim, we are also crafting a resume that works within my current field so that I can at least find a place where I can be content for the time being. Gots to pay the bills somehow, right?

So, resume' day went well. I was so happy and inspired I went shopping........tee hee....

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Anonymous said...

I wish you lots of luck, you have a great positive attitude and should have no problems, middle aged or not!  I know exactly what you mean about finding a new career.  I have no further education to speak of apart from a 2 year office studies course and my sister's in the same boat.  She's currently looking for a job and has been applying but she's quite choosy!CJ xx