Friday, September 9, 2011

Getting out......feeling like a contributing member of society

I had a few errands to run to take care of before I start my new job. I took the camera along 'cause I knew I was going to be stopping at McKinley Park and thought I might sneak in a few photos. I forget how lovely Sacramento's Mid-Town is. I forget that although it's NOT San Francisco, it is a CITY and has a little bit of the feel of some  of S.F.'s neighborhoods do. I guess if I really wanted to 'move to the city' I could practice in a little place in Mid-Town Sac and see how I adapt. In suburbia things are so EASY and VANILLA. I'm not sure I'm going to be able to convey what I's like everything is prepackaged and nothing has any charm or flavor. Yeah, that covers it, sort of. And, in all seriousness, I'm pretty accustomed to easy and vanilla. I might find that not having ready made within spitting distance from my home is something I don't like. But, I still wonder on occasion what it would be like to live the city life. This line of thought comes from spending time in the area hospitals in the last couple of weeks on Mended Little Hearts business. Getting set up as a volunteer at two of the major pediatric heart centers had me downtown 4 days last week. Driving around down there got me thinking about maybe I would find myself needing to be close to one or both of these hospitals. I digress....McKinley Park and the surrounding area was delightful today and I took the time to enjoy it.

Have a photo excursion planned on Sunday in Downtown to capture the September 11th Memorial activity. I imagine an emotion filled day.

Have a glorious weekend,
S ♥

*on a side note, I've come to the realization that I sort of let facebook take the place of blogging and I've noticed a reaction I have when I've been out reading blogs again, I want to "like" comments and posts and "share" know, like on FB! An observation of societal conditioning, eh?


Brian Miller said...

ha. sounds like a fun day today..great sights...and sign on it...

Mike said...

Nice to hear from you again old friend. I never forget the people who I've met through blogging. I just don't get around much anymore. Beautiful pics!