Monday, September 5, 2011

Memory lane.......♥

(Check it out: Wine for Pediatric Cardiac support)

I felt like writing some more tonight and I wanted this post to be kind of a retrospective, but it took me so long to review the HITS that I think I'm too drained to do it justice. I laughed, I cried and I marveled at how much my life has changed. Big things, but some subtle things I didn't really notice until I began reviewing the early blog posts. Blogging changed my life. I knew this when I was blogging and even wrote a couple of posts about it. Maybe it is just the act of writing things down and being able to purge and then examine. Often times when I would write I would do it in stream of consciousness way and I believe it was therapeutic. It is amazing how much you know yourself and yet can be so unconscious about who you are and what you want. Yeah, I think it's too late to be trying to write this now.

I will say this, it was nice to have a few old friends stop by and take notice of my reentry into the bloggy world. After my review I realized how much I've missed you all.

Perhaps tomorrow the retrospective.

The wine? No I have not taken up drinking again. (Although in the case of this wine I wish I could) Check it out. The Vinter's son between the ages and 9 & 10 had back to back open heart surgeries for a congenital heart defect. After recovery the boy asked his dad if they could make a wine and give all of the proceeds to charities that help kids with CHD and their families. So, I just like to give them a plug when I have a chance. If you can, buy a bottle and drink it in my honor, it would mean a lot to me.

S ♥


Brian Miller said...

very interesting on the wine...may take you up on that...take your time...we will be around...smiles.

Pat said...

I will certainly be on the look out for this wine next time I buy a bottle AND I will raise a glass to you!