Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A Hero's welcome...................

I watched a movie two nights ago that is still affecting me. The movie was done by HBO; "Taking Chance", staring Kevin Bacon. It is the story of one man's journey escorting a fallen Marine home. I saw the previews for it almost a month ago and made a note to myself to watch it. I didn't have HBO at the time and decided I would upgrade my t.v. service for one month in order to watch this particular movie. As circumstances would have it, and as a result of the move, I ended up with HBO as part of my new t.v. scheduling. In all of the hullabaloo related to the move I'd forgotten that I was going to make arrangements to watch this movie....on Sunday evening as I was channel surfing I stumbled on it. This movie is a beautiful tribute to every fallen military person. It is also a tribute to those who have the honor of escorting one home. Currently, my nephew, Anthony Lee Brown is serving in the 1st Cavalry division of the Army in Iraq.....I don't want to relate this movie to him, however, I could not help but think of him throughout the whole movie. In my family, we don't talk about the realities of what might happen to Anthony, in fact, we usually just invite the elephant in the room to stay for dinner, all the while walking around it. Again, the movie is beautiful and if you have an opportunity, watch it, but, make sure to secure a box of kleenex for comfort, you'll need it. I sobbed through most ot if, not because I mourned for the fallen Marine, who LT. Col. Mike Strobl escorted home, surely I cried for that young man, but, more than that, I cried for what we all survive because of him. And, I cried with tears of pride for the acts of kindness that every day Americans show throughout the journey Mike makes escorting Chance home. And for the kind, dedication and reverence of the people who prepare Chance for his journey home. This movie gives us a glimpse of what preparation is made to transport a fallen Soldier, Marine, Airman or Sailor home. Kevin Bacon nails his role as Lt. Col. Mike Strobl and you can't help but change with him as he makes the trip from the east coast to Wyoming, where Chance's family waits for him. I immediatly went the HBO web-site to see if the movie will be released on DVD and pre-ordered it for it's release in May.

I don't want to think about what Anthony endures while he is away, but, I do not look away from the very real possibility that something could happen to him. I pray for him......constantly. This is Anthony's second tour in Iraq and I look forward to the day when he will come home, on his own steam, a Hero's welcome.

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Daryl said...

Hi, Thanks for posting to my blog, Fair Winds. New England IS beautiful. I was away for 14 years and am so very grateful to be "home." I appreciate you reading my blog. I enjoy yours, as well.