Friday, October 16, 2009

just tired....of being without you

Where are you?
I search for you, what seems like endlessly.
I know you’re out there.
I can feel you.
Where are you?

Do you look at the same stars that I do?
I sometimes stare out at the stars, hoping you are, too.
If we connect at that one bright star,
We connect.
Do you look at the same stars that I do?

I study the faces of strangers.
How about you?
Do you look for me, as I look for you?
You must, because I know you are out there.
I can feel you.
Do you study the faces of strangers?
Hoping to find me, too?

I am here.
Please come soon.
I am tired of being without you.


Mike said...

That is great! In my estimation that could be about a soul mate, or about a higher power!

Brian Miller said...

oh wow, that is amazing. it captures so well the feeling of a longing heart...for love or otherwise. they are out there. i believe.

Mari Mansourian said...


McGillicutty said...

Something wonderful in these words...hope.