Sunday, February 22, 2009

Spring's First Blush.......oh, she's so lovely......

I have a little Spring ritual that I practice every year, I make sure to snap shots of various blossoms. There is nothing like the beauty of a tree or shrub loaded with flowers at their first blush. And, the best part (or worst, depending on your perspective) is that there is only a small window of time when you can take advantage of the 'first blush', therefore, making the shots, exclusive. I have a folder on my computer labeled, Spring Blossoms and while to the naked eye they may look like the same flowers over and over again, to me they are each like a dfferent child. I carry my little handy, dandy, powershot with me and when I am blessed with an opportunity, I take my shot and add the NEW blossom to my folder. Today's blossoms are from the Walnut tree right out my front door. The tree is very old, I say very old because it's probably 25 years old, however, I think that I have to suppose in tree years thas is very young, right? Anyway, the tree appears old, as in my Grandmother's later years she could not care for the exterior of the property as in the days when my Papa tended to the grounds, but, I suspect the Walnut tree has many years left in her and would be happy to produce a fresh batch of fruit for us, if given the loving care she needs.....of which we did begin late last year. Ms. Walnut was pruned last fall and I believe she is looking just a bit brighter this year in comparison to last Spring. As you can see, her blossoms are quite captivating at their first blush. I know that in only a week or so's time, all of her blossoms will have reached their potential and fall to the ground, but, today, I have captured their loveliness, a blessing bestowed upon me by my dear friend Mother Nature.

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