Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Waiting for inspiration.......

I have this nagging desire to go to Ireland. Not really fair to call the desire nagging, as I believe it is a good desire....however, funds always seem to be my scapegoat for getting out of doing anything with any real adventure. My Mom and I talked about doing this together.....putting our money aside and really going to the Emerald Isle. I have a romanticized idea of what the trip might be like and that always seems to run on until I convince myself the actual trip would not live up to my expectations and again talk myself out of going. First of all the length of the journey itself is daunting.....while I like airplane rides....(I went to England as a kid, so, I'm familiar with the length of the flight), I'm not sure I have the patience to go that far in a soda can with wings. But, what an adventure. I fancy myself a decendant of a Celtic Warrior.....you know, Zena-like, only my dreams always include chainmail and a shield. I sense what the battle might have been like and feel that the fight was always for a noble cause. I am Irish....Mom J was half Irish, half Russian.....her name says it all, Geraldine O'Connell, her sisters were Patricia and RoseMarie, her brother and father, both Patrick. She had flashing green eyes and red hair to save us all. So, maybe the Isle is calling me home.....maybe that is where I'll find myself, just tooling around a small Irish village and my heart's desire will envelope me and I will know who I am and what I was meant to do. Maybe that is where I belong, on the coast of Ireland in a little cottage over looking the ocean, on the cliffs. See, very romantic, however, once again, not practical. And, then I think, what if I go and the trip isn't all that great and I ruin all of my romantic notions about the beautiful green island. See why I've not realized my full potential, because I over think things, let my head talk my heart into chickening out. Just honoring my fear like a good little chicken..... :-) Maybe as an exercise in honoring my dreams I'll research what a trip to Ireland might cost and just where in Ireland I might like to visit. No promises on actually executing, but, research never hurt and it might just inspire me, eh?

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