Thursday, February 26, 2009

....a lesson revealed......

My Niece and I grew these wonderful Morning Glories. We were mesmerized by the process. We planted seeds in a rectangular planter box and watched as they broke through the soil, emerging as tiny tentacles, reaching for the sky. As they became ungangly and started attaching themselves to the patio uprights, we transplanted them to the yard, near a chain link fence, so they would wrap themselves up there and grow at their leisure. It wasn't long before we realized they had surpassed all expectation and had wound their way up into the trees near the fence where we planted them and even more fascinating was that they grew all the way up the tree almost to the height of the nearby telephone poles. I could not believe it when I realized and called my Niece to point it out to her. She was so thrilled that OUR Morning Glories had really reached the sky! Neither of us knew it at the time, but, Mother Nature was teaching us another of Her lessons, that with love and care and room to grow, we can all reach the sky. And, Her lesson did not show itself until tonight when I selected the Morning Glories photograph as my inspiration. Further, there is an added element to the lesson, the Divine has perfect timing and revealed this lesson to me when I was ready to receive it, not before. I remember vividly the time frame when my Niece and I were growing these flowers and revelled in the joy it brought us both watching their progress and caring for them, however, what came to me tonight, did not strike me until now. There were other lessons being taught at that time.....I wonder if I can recall those lessons? Not so much, only that growing flowers from seeds was easy and often does that happen in life? Great return on simple investment, eh? Perhaps the lesson was communicated to both of us back when we grew these flowers and we intrinsically garnered from it at the time, however, as I am trowelling through my own personal growth spurt the lesson re-revealed itself in a way so as to show me I have only to give myself a little love and care and the sky is the limit. Again, my new favorite teacher, Mother Nature......reminding me, over and over again, that you can be reborn and live the life you deserve, want and dream about.

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