Sunday, February 22, 2009

"Into each life some rain must fall". Theresa Brewer

It has been raining where I live off and on for the last couple of weeks. This is good, as we are in need of the rainfall and because I like the rain. This photo was taken about a week ago just as a major storm was rolling in. I live at the base of the foothills in Northern California.....NO, it's not always sunny in California....and thank God, because how boring would that be? Anyway, I am looking to the east, towards the Sierra Nevadas....well, the foothills of them, anyway and the sky was almost black, very ominous, foreboding and dangerous. For me, there was excitement in the air, you could feel the energy, the power and force of the storm on it's way. I am fortunate enough to live here at the base of the foothills, out in the country, so as to enjoy nature at it's most honest. You know, without city lights dulling the stars and city noise camaflauging the sounds of the birds and weather. The beauty of it all is very captivating. The seasons remind us how to live. And, spring is, I believe the loveliest of the seasons....renewal, new beginnings, rebirth, cleansing and growth. Within just a few days of the beginning of the rainy season, with just a day or two of sunshine between storms, the Earth begins to rejuvinate and Mother Nature begins her lessons, showing us how to begin as well. Small buds on the trees begin to open up, blossoming into this year's fruition, be it leaves, flowers or fruit, they are the rebirth of nature. The pasture becomes green again after a long summer, fall and winter of dull, taupe, not really brown and not really gray, just taupe. The trees begin to stand taller, I know this is only a perception on my part, but, I swear the Oaks on our property change their stance as Mother Nature begins to heal them from the drought of the other seasons. The local 'weeds' start to take over the garden and flower with their special gifts. And, even in the storms that provide the much needed percipitation, I hear the birds singing their songs of hope and inspiration for the coming year. When the vegatation here on the old Ranch is green, it does not matter that it has taken over and is out of control, only that it appears like a beautiful emerald green reminder of hope.

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