Thursday, May 28, 2009

Quiet respite?

I miss my old home. This little beauty, who's name I don't know is all over the place out at the Ranch. I go out there to visit Dad and of course, the 'grounds'. Texas and I took a walk and found all kinds of stuff to take pics of.....I love that old place and although it's hard to 'visit' only, I know it's there for me. I get such a sense of peace when I am there, I feel calm and serene. I feel the energy of the country, the feeling of Mother Nature embracing me. Corny, eh? But, seriously, I FEEL the Earth vibrating. It's really an amazing feeling. Lately, any soft, serene, comforting energy is abundantly therapuetic. The resume's are done and on their way out! Wooo Hooo....I've made some connections and am hopfeful that change is just around the corner. My visit last weekend with my friend was SO inspiring it's carried me through this past week.

I've located a Monastery in the north coast that rents organized retreat, just rooms, when they have them available, they only give you information about the availability if you write to them....snail, I sent my letter today! I'm really curious about the accomodations and hopeful that I will be visiting them soon. The lure of quiet solitude, a place for contemplation, a place to fill my resevoir with Spirit and to be able to listen without distraction to what the Divine has to say.....Oh that I could just be quiet for a small respite.....(that rhymes, he he he he).

Hope is bubbling within......

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julochka said...

i know what you mean about feeling the earth vibrating--that's what i'm getting from that rock i've been holding all week. it's kind of a low, soothing hum.

i hope you get a spot in the monastary. i want to hear how that is!!