Saturday, June 20, 2009

5 Favorite things......

(one of my favorites)
So, I have been tagged!  I feel like Sally Field at the Oscars!  My new friend over at Moments of Perfect Clarity tagged me for a "Meme" - of which I actually had to look up in a dictionary.  It was obvious what my task was, list 5 categories with 5 favorite things...... this I could do, however, I was not sure how it related to a "MEME"....but, here I go......but, first, I have to say this was VERY hard.  I don't normally analyze what my favorites are....I am pretty easy to please, therefore, it's easier to pick out things I don't like than it is to say what my favorite is......except when it comes to things like chocolate - that I know is a 'favorite' but, to pick out a favorite book or song or movie film....for me, it depends on what's going on in my life as to what is my 'favorite' - I do have a favorite Niece, but, she is technically, my only niece, so, I'm sure that doesn't count and I have a favorite breed of dog, but, that's because at this time in my life, I have a, this list took all day yesterday to write and I still don't feel like I've picked any real favorites.....I guess I'm just fickle!  So, with no further delay, MEME:

5 Favorite Movies Films:
Top Gun
Pride and Prejudice - the Kiera Knightly version
Taking Chance
Under the Tuscan Sun
28 Days

5 Favorite Songs - this one was hard, because favorite songs are too many:
In Color - Jamie Johnson
I Believe - Brooks and Dunn
Have I told you lately - Rod Stewart (My Mom sings this to me when we're all together partying)
Live like you were dyin' - Tim McGraw
Cowboys are my weakness - Trisha Yearwood

5 Favorite books: (I'm thinking the point behind this is 'fiction' however, I'm weird)
At Home in Mitford (the whole series) Jan Karon
Stephanie Plum series - Janet Evanovich
Joy of Cooking - Rombauer/Becker
Final Gifts - Callanon/Kelley
Simple Abundance - Sarah Ban Breathnach

5 Favorite Crushes:
Dr. Robert Achtel - my cardiologist
(because how could I not crush on a guy who saved my life, twice)
Jimmy Buffet - (lots of songwriters are my crushes, Jimmy just hit the list this week)
My Landlord
The Buddha
William Shakespeare

5 Favorite Random Things: (this even changed since yesterady when I complied my list)
Hydrangeas - as noted in the picture above
My Cameras - even the big one I don't know how to work right
My new Buddha (purchased at the Good Will)
White Citrus Body spray (bath and body works)
Marzipan Rose Delight Tea


Mari Mansourian said...

love your list, and don't worry I took some time trying to figure out faves too. and ditto on the Buddah, I have a bit of a collection going too. :)

Janet said...

I noticed that we had several in common before I even posted my list. I also love Janet Evanovich. and hydrangeas. I just got back from visiting in North Carolina. OMG! They're blooming and GORGEOUS!