Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Some more things I love.....

Columbine. I did not know I loved Columbine, until I discovered who she was....and isn't she just lovely? What a flower.

And connecting with a friend who you haven't talked to in a few weeks, who you absolutely adore and miss all the time that you haven't talked to her and you get to talk to her and it's like there was never a time when you didn't talk to her.....and making plans to hang out with said friend! And talking about all the things you've missed over the few weeks when you missed her.

Remembering that you have many creative facets and finding that you are ready to revisit some other forms of creativity you've let rest for too long.

Having a new roommate and finding out more about a friend as you spend time with them.

Watching an AMAZING fireworks show, courtesy of Mother Nature, completely unexpected and not typical for my geographical area......continual lightning for 30 minutes, with thunder on a contintual rumble following the lightning by at least 5 minutes. Dwelling in the awesomeness of the power behind a storm so energetic. I think I am literally charged with electricity right now. Kid you not, the storm just moved in within minutes and the light show just would not stop. In all of the years I've lived here I have NEVER witnessed a storm of this quality. It reminded me of an eastern seaboard type storm, all fire and drums!

Finding middle ground at a job you're not in love with, in order to stay while you need to. (because of this, I am oddly calm and comforted by a sense that everything is going to be okay and it will all shake out like it is supposed to).

Enjoynig a book, whilst cuddling with Texas on my bed.

Instead of choosing to fall off the wagon (not that I would, but, it's fun to tease about), buying my version of a bottle of wine - one pound of See's candy and endeavoring to savor each peice as an individual dessert....HA!

Hearing my BEST friend tell me the tests came back and she DOES NOT have diabetes and all of her 'numbers' are within normal ranges! Yippeeeeeeeee!

Remembering how lucky I am to, have a job, friends, a place to live, food to eat and a dog to love, not to mention, Chocolate!

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