Monday, June 1, 2009

Pink Promise.....a life affirmation.

Over the weekend, Sunday to be exact, my friends and family planted the "Pink Promise" rose out at the Ranch in honor of those we love and have loved who have and are battling Breast Cancer. This isn't a cause I rally for.....regrettably, I have my own cause, Heart Defects that I rally for, but, I could not look away anymore. I wrote a post a couple of months ago about living like you were dying.....I mentioned my step sister - she battled Breast Cancer and beat it the first time.....but, it's back, in different places and she began chemo treatments on Friday. I cannot know what it is like for the warrior who battles this horrific disease, but, I can and do know what it is like to watch loved ones suffer- and it sucks.

I was at the Home Depot on Sunday when I called to speak with my Mother, to get the latest news on my step sister - my Mother, who, while sometimes lives with rose colored glasses, was not her usual rosy self. This I could not take. She gave me the most recent information, that did not seem exactly positive, she, seemed defeated. This I could not take. After our phone call, I made my way into the store, tear filled eyes - I could not hold back my sadness - as I was loading a cart with my garden soil, there, next to the dirt was a display of roses "Pink Promise", a rose for the awareness of Breat Cancer - isn't it swell how the Universe, The Divine speaks to you.....just as you need it to, when you need it to, inspiration is placed in front of you. Of course, I bought a rose, called my Dad and asked him to prepare a place - I was bringing out the rose and when my friends arrived, we would have a planting ceremony. Each of us has known someone who has battled cancer, some have won, others have lost - each of us had someone to honor as we planted Pink Promise. We all cried, laughed and gave of our hearts, telling the Universe, The Divine, we are supporting each other, fighting shoulder to shoulder, kicking ass and taking not mess with us or our Sisters. The ceremony was an affirmation of our friendship, our familial bond and our Spirit, a small gesture in a big battle, that gave us all hope. (There she is agin, HOPE!)

We enjoyed our day emensly, celebrating life, eating, laughing, LIVING - in honor of those we love.


julochka said...

hey! i found you!! and i can see you got the link within to work! cool!

why did i think you were based in hamburg? there's no home depot you must not be. :-)

i love the idea of the pink promise rose, that's beautiful...

darsden said...

Oh that is lovely and so is your post :-))

An Open Heart said...

Julochka, I went to your blog and saw the little link at the bottom under the archived posts and clicked on it and lo' and behold I FOUND IT! Thank you for finding me though!

Darsden, thank you for stopping by

Anonymous said...

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