Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Don't worry, Be HAPPY......a simple list

Giving back to the Universe, I would like to express my Gratitude for 10 things that make me happy:

1. The picture in this post makes me HAPPY, it reminds me of my beloved Mom J, who crochetted EVERYTHING - you name it, she figured out a way to crochette over it, around it, a replica of it......she was a whirling dervish of mad crochette skills and I miss her. (I would like to give credit to the 'artist' and photographer, but, know nothing of either).

2. This new web-site that sends you messages from the Universe: I received my first message this morning and it REALLY made me HAPPY.

3. My friends, they are so amazing, strong, brilliant, shining lights of LOVE....They make me HAPPY.

4. Looking forward to my trip to the Monastery. The idea that I will have space to myself to meditate, which I have no idea HOW to do, but, intend on pretending I do the whole three days I'm there. Knowing my heart will SING to me, as will my SPIRIT....this makes me HAPPY.

5. Finally deciding to REALLY move into my little house, that I've resisted embracing because I thought I might be leaving soon. It was like the weight of the world was lifted off of my shoulders. Deciding this, makes me HAPPY.

6. Unpacking boxes and rediscovering my treasures, just like having Christmas in JUNE.....this makes me HAPPY.

7. Reading in bed, with the window open and a wonderful, cool breeze blowing through the window, whilst candlelight flickers on the walls of my bedroom, makes me HAPPY.

8. My's finally taking off and lovely - green, florishing and HAPPY.

9. Texas. How could he not make me HAPPY. There's just something about a small creature being so HAPPY to see me, everytime I rematerialize in front of him. He is a clown, a love, a smartalec and a constant companion, a perfect example of unconditional LOVE. Yes, Texas makes me HAPPY, too.

10. Music. I cannot express in words how HAPPY music makes me. My friend and I shared music with each other yesterday, we liked each others selections. I love how music tunes my Soul and inspires my Spirit to DANCE!

The list is in no certain order of HAPPINESS quality......and of course, there are many other things that make me HAPPY, but, today is June 10th, therefore, as some of my other Blog Buddies have done, I listed 10!


julochka said...

love your list! the crocheted tree is amazing. i've seen a couple of similar ones on flickr. i must learn to crochet.

we had our stuff packed away for about a year when we built on and i remember that christmas feeling in unpacking. it was like having all new stuff!

so happy everyone's playing along on this one today. it just makes it so much easier to be in a good mood when everyone's talking about what makes them happy! yay!

christina said...

reading in bed? Yes! this tree is amazing.

ahh... the simple, wonderful things, in life.

all these lovely colors make me happy.

Relyn Lawson said...

Oh, that photo gave me delighted giggles. I love it!

SE'LAH... said...

that tree shot is

your list is great too...brought smiles to my face.