Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sunday flora and fauna

Today we ran recon at the local nurseries.....looking for inspiration.  As per usual, I had my trusty pocket camera with me and was able to snap some lovely photos of the flora and fauna we happened upon.  I should have written down what I was shooting, however, that would have disrupted the spontenaity of it all, so, I'm calling this the big white flower......
And, this one, Purple flowers with BEE....isn't he great?  My roomie accompanied, she is not fond of BEEs and was not impressed with the photos of bees, however, WAS impressed with my bravery for shooting at them!
And, these lovely beauties....don't know what they are either, but, think they are, well, LOVELY.

And, one more, just for fun......(I'll save the rest for use in other posts) A BLUE unknown to me. 

We had a LOVELY afternoon, wandering around the nursery contemplating what we should buy and where we'd put it.  Just taking in the beautiful weather, warm sunshine and gentle breeze, no schedule, no where in particular to be. 

Now, it's time for a nap......Ta!

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darsden said...

absolutely beautiful flowers, I can smell them from here. Have a great day...on to catching up on more reading from being gone a week :-))