Sunday, November 8, 2009

Anybody want to edit my essay? Seriously....?

The assignment: Your topic will be a thing that you could hold in your hands. Your job is to describe the item without naming it. We are to use figurative language, the assignment requires use of; simile, hyperbole and metaphor, at least one of each.

Here is my essay:

Capturing Time

This girl’s sleek, black, steel casing offers cool comfort in my hand, like the grip of a Smith & Wesson revolver. Although, a mere 18 ounces, she offers considerable weight in her class. When her trigger is fired, the click tells you she’s done her job. The result, high output, true color in every shot; as a result, truth on paper.

A field test really showcased my trigger operated friend; I experimented with auto pilot just to get a feel for how she runs. Given her speed, clarity and accuracy, I was not surprised to find out how easy she was to handle. Her split second timing arrested a hummingbird in flight.

Looking at my cool black beauty, you might find yourself inside, waiting to get out. The detail on her screen lets you know what you have accomplished. Found on her frame are a multitude of dials and buttons, designed to compose, create and cultivate emotion with the flick of a finger. Dialing down her attention gives me microscopically precise detail; nothing like seeing the hairs on a bee up close and personal!

My digital image capturing machine reflects back all of the beauty I aim for. With precision execution she gives back breathtaking results, good enough for framing. When put to the test her maximum output can be up to 400 plus reflections of my vision. Whatever the event, she and I work together to hold onto precious moments in time, cataloging life for future reflections.

Carrying her with me, she is always at the ready to fire off a few clicks, gleaning scraps, bits and particles of people, places and things; consequently, our work is a pictorial review of life. At the end of her performance I power her down, cap her off, and put her in a protective bag; saving for another day, event, or coincidental opportunity, her energy. Encapsulating life with the help of ‘Trigger’ is a form of therapy for me, a tool per se, giving me documented proof that I was here and had something to give.


Mike said...

I think that it is fine! Why edit it?

Brian Miller said...

nicely done...just dont aim at me. smiles.