Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown was not there

....but this guy was......

Carmelized onion, saute'd mushrooms and gorgonzola tart

Potato, ham and cheddar tart

Italian wedding soup

Butterscotch pumpkin cake

Cheesecake.....the new recipe

Breaking in the new firepit......PRICELESS

(Ironically, I failed to take a picture of the Pumpkin soup....which is the crown on this annual dinner....however, there was some leftover so, I will post a picture later with the recipe if anyone is interested....)

I have a wonderful group of friends....they are there for me when I need them....through the worst and always the best....I love them....and the way I show love is to, each year I have The Great Pumpkin Dinner and show them how much I love them. We gather, gobble, laugh, gorge, giggle, imbibe, chortle, even snort, but for sure we just ruminate in each other's company.

I had a beautiful Saturday night....I hope you did, too.



Brian Miller said...

everythinbg looks yummy. glad you had a great time...oh and thanks for the fire pic. still envious. smiles.

Mike said...

Looks like a great and tasty evening! Did you save me a plate?? said...

Congratulations on the success of the Great Pumpkin Dinner! Those tarts look fabulous! And the fire... perfection on a cool evening!

The pale observer said...

YUM!! Great pics of some yummy looking food.

I just found your blog - became your latest follower.


Holli in Ghana

Delena said...

Yes. yes, post the recipe. I have never had that. Wow, you really put on a spread. We had Panda Express last night!!.....

Stacey J. Warner said...

what a fantastic night! looks magical and yummy!

much love

christina said...

Oh yummy!! Can I get a recipe or two? Maybe that cake and cheesecake?
Me too, I cook to show people I love them. Cook up a storm.
Such a wonderful times!

Pat said...

Nothing like sitting around a fire, enjoying friends and eating good food!