Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Private enterprise.....lovin' ETSY

I made these Christmas ornaments today....each is a little window into a winter wonderland! I hope to sell them through a little shop in my neighborhood, the proprietress and I discussed the design idea and she's agreed to take them on consignment. If these sell....I'm making some more!

Also, I've reopened a shop I had on ESTY last year....I have some items listed that are what I call "pre-knowledge" jewelry....Beadwork I used to do before I went to jeweler's school. These items are on sale 50% off! Please check it out:
Cowgirl at Heart

I have many "post-knowledge" projects ready to be listed, only waiting to be photographed and many more projects pending completion on my bench....all will be listed over the next few days, so check back often and buy, buy, buy for Christmas or "just because"!



Mike said...

They are very cool! if I had money, I might get some.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Brian Miller said...

nice. very cool! a little artistic flare to you as well. smiles.

have a wonderful thanksgiving!

Relyn Lawson said...

I'll likely not have time tomorrow so I wanted to stop by tonight and wish you and yours the happiest, most delicious of Thanksgivings. Happy Thanksgiving, my friend.

Pat said...

They'd make a pretty little edition to any Christmas tree! They should sell like hot cakes!