Sunday, November 29, 2009

One a Lover, the other, a Dear Friend

My home is strategically located approximately two hours away from either the Pacific Ocean or the Sierra Nevada Mountains. I say strategically, but I really had nothing to do with where my family transplanted to, however, I make the choice to stay here, strategically between two places I love. Well, maybe I LOVE one and REALLY LIKE the other, therefore, can be certain of what my choice would be if I had to choose. The ocean calls me, pulling at me like the tide and the mountains sing to me like the whisper of peace; both are special in their own way.

Where I grew up the smell of the ocean was always on the breeze. Today, I can close my eyes, breathe deep and still smell the ocean, the pungent mustiness of seaweed and wet wood. A tribute to my love of the ocean and her draw is my ability to feel and absorb the power she wields. Describing what that feels like is quite intimate, knowing the power is available to me is somewhat intoxicating and I almost feel devilish absorbing it. In the presence of the ocean I feel a tingle, a vibration, power beyond belief, like I could lift a car up….with my mind. Perhaps possible at some level, I find that I am almost afraid of the amount of power I feel and end up only drained by the pounding the vibrations my personal power cell sustains during my visit to the ocean. Although I find I am exhausted in a good way after an exchange with the ocean I am oddly energized as well.

Conversely, the mountains sing a beautiful, whispering lullaby to me. Quelling the noise in my mind and crooning to the slow, lower vibrations that harmonize with quiet respite. The mountains have a certain power over me, as well; however I find that the power they exude is that of peace and tranquility. Again, I can close my eyes and breathe deeply and find myself planted firmly in a stand of trees absorbing the scent of pine and earth, instantly I feel relaxed and almost able to float up to the sky. There is power here as well, only calmer, more sedate and clearer, less evocative and more focused. The air is crisp with an alert quality to it, as if the mountains are aware of my presence instead of me being aware of them. The mountains afford me the gift of solitude and peace, revitalized by their soft, gentle reverberation, I always return lightly empowered.

Although the mountains breathe slower and give gentler, the ocean is my true love. The raw power the ocean sprays at me is all too intoxicating and I cannot resist what she has to offer. I love the sound of the water lapping at the shore, taunting the shoreline with her roar. This power, this energy is what makes me feel alive, electric and whole. The ocean is for rejuvenation,the mountains for refreshment, both special to me in their own way, one a lover and the other, a dear friend.

(my next English assignment)



Brian Miller said...

very nice...i love the mountains...they give me life...bring me back to where i need to be...the ocean puts me to sleep with her caress...

hope you get an A again!

Mike said...

I am in the flatlands and I hate it. The only thing good is that I am close to the ocean. I would love to be in your type of location.

McGillicutty said...

Wooaahhh... that's about the best thing i have read in a loooonggg time!!! Awesome, I can almost feel the emotions and hear the waves crashing. Well done dear girl.. well done!!!!!! said...

Just reading this has relaxed me! Thank you for these images!