Sunday, August 23, 2009

Attempting to kill two birds with one "intention"......

From to do list:
"Learn how to make big camera do what I want"
"Use picture editing software on my computer"

Have you noticed? Summer is coming to a case you are blissfully unaware, wake up, it is almost over. Although I am not working, nor have I started school, it is painfully obvious to me that summer is creeping away....and I had sooooo many plans for the summer. Not to fret, I did get some of my plans executed....and some are in process, like trying to figure out how to make the big camera work and use the photo editing software (that makes me think I must be a rocket scientist in order to 'layer' my photos). I've been pretty half-assed about the camera and the software, too daunting, I've been telling myself, but, NO MORE! I happen to be lucky enough to have a friend who is married to a computer dude, who, happens to have the secret handshake to some computer type information that he divulged to me, this afternoon.....little did I know there is some fun stuff FREE on the internet, stuff that even google knows about....Picasa! Yeah, I'm sure you're all laughing and snickering at my expense because y'all probably knew that all along.....that's okay, better late to the party than to miss it, I downloaded picasa this evening and lookit what fun I've had:

Original photo

Edited with B&W w/tinting
I really like the B&W with tinting option, check me out:
And, especially in the film camera days, I LOVED just plain ol' B&W:

So, I am knocking off one of my 'to do's' by playing around with the new software, although that doesn't take care of learning how to use the expensive, complicated software, it does give me some flexibility with my photography.

And then, there's learining how to make the big camera work.....I've found the place I am going to study: Chez Spud and her Camera Club for Commencers !
She gives great advice, the kind my Grandfather would give, if his advice wasn't coming from these weird etheral visits in the wee hours of the morning when I'm not really awake, "read the instruction manual, " it sure sounds like, I will begin with the manual and maybe hunt up some information from the intertnet, as I learned earlier, FREE things abound on the interwebs, if only one knows where to look and what to ask for. And, also, some guide thingy book Spud mentions....I'll look for one of those.....I really wish I had a Nikon, though.

So, without further adieu, I commence with marking those two items off my list. Whew.......this is too much work for the last week of summer....I need to lie down for awhile....come back later and see how I'm faring.


Brian Miller said...

fun. nice pics! as you have more time to play i am sure you will discover even more fun...enjoy the

McGillicutty said...

Girl I LOVE picasa and althought I haven't ever done the flickr thing I am sure it's easier. You go girl!!!!!!!!1

Anonymous said...

These photos look pretty good to me. I love the sepia horse. I subscribe to a couple of digital camera magazines and they send a cd with each edition. Some are really useful, some a bit too technical. But there's some amazing things we can do with our camera's.

CJ xx

Sharon Rose said...

These pictures are lovely! I especially love that picture of the horse. Even though I'm not good at horse back riding, Those animals are one of the most beautiful creatures!

I am so backwards about computer language when you said picasa, I thought you meant Piccaso and I immediately went to get my oils, canvases and brushes to head over that direction! Silly me. . .

Well, you are well on your way to a great hobbie with this camera!

Pat said...

I love photography, too. I've been taking pictures for years. I'm in no way a professional, though. I started out with a Canon AE-1 film camera, then moved on to a Kodak EasyShare digital, and now I have a Nikon D-4o. I've ventured past the "automatic" phase, and am trying my hand at aperture priority. I enrolled in a photography course through NYIP (New York Institute of Photography) which you take both on line and do at home. I've also attended a couple of classes that Nikon offers. It's still hard to teach an old dog new tricks! :)