Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Crafty....that's me....too bad I can't make any money at it!

My very good friend recently passed her brokers license test. They say no one passes it the first time....she did. Of course she did, because, she's a genius. She should be getting the silly little piece of paper in the mail any day now...so, I decided, being the good and supportive friend that I am, I wanted to show her how proud I am of her and acknowledge her accomplishment....above you see the little 'candy bowl' I assembled as a little chachkee to display on her desk....I have to fill it with some candy still, chocolate in her case...but, I think it came out rather adorable. (not to mention, displaying this little item on her desk will seriously screw with the branch manager....same guy who 'released me' from employment in june) (no, I'm not bitter, in fact, rather grateful, however, a little harmless ribbing never hurt anyone, right?)

Yes, that is all I got done today.....SOOOO what. Again, getting stuff done and not worrying about what is to be.....rrriiiiiight.

Got the results of my 'assessment' test today. Scored rather well, considering it's been 25 years since high school and I've had no serious education since then. I still don't know what affect the test results have on my acceptance to school.... need to speak to the admissions advisor....guess I'll be doing that tomorrow....wish me luck!


Sharon Rose said...

Congrats to your friend! I love that gift. . how fun that is!
I probably read or missed when I was reading, but what are you going to school for?

Brian Miller said...

congrats on the assessment scores. wishing you luck for school... nice piece of art there you made for your friend.

An Open Heart said...

Pastor Sharon,
I am either going to nursing school, if the money comes or medical assisstant school...money's already available for that.
Thank you for your encouragement...it helps!

christina said...

i wish you the most beautiful luck! And a free hug to go along with it too. ; )
PS: yay, your going to Blog camp??!! Check that one off the list, friend.
: )

Bonnie Zieman, M.Ed. said...

I'd like to have a thoughtful friend like you! Good luck tomorrow.

Catherine said...

Good luck! Let us know what happens!!