Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Going back in time.....25 years

So, I had to go to the high school I graduated from today to get my transcripts for my college was wierd, seriously, wierd. I didn't like school. Well, I liked socializing, however, I was never invited to eat with the cool kids, so, my socializing was limited to the other outcasts....which was fine with me, because, we all 'got' each other and we kind of felt sorry for the cool kids, because they, well, didn't 'get' much of anything.....(I'm not bitter, I swear, I saw some of the cool kids 5 years ago at a reunion and I did not miss out on anything hanging with the outcasts). But, I did not like school and after reviewing my copy of my transcripts, it shows......I did not remember my grades being that poor, accept for the one F I got in algebra....someone, please tell me why I need to know algebra? Seriously, I was in mortgage banking for TWENTY FIVE YEARS and did just fine figuring shit out myself and I NEVER once used and "X" "N" or a "Y" to calculate loan to value or a debt ratio!!!!!! Anyhooooooo, I had it in my head I did better in school than I actually did....however, I did notice that all of the creative classes, I aced.....imagine that, eh?

What struck the most bizare is how small school looked. I had the same sensation after seeing Disneyland as an adult after spending every birthday there for the first 6 years of my life....i went to Disneyland for my HIGH SCHOOL grad trip and it seemed soooooo small then....just like school did today. I had little mini flashbacks of things that happened on the stairs by "senior lawn" and near the gym and a HORRIBLE flashback of running (or rather, gasping for breath, while staggering) round the track in P.E. and I was totally amazed to see the football stadium it took them 40 years to get the financing for, finally finished. Seriously, (again) it was wierd.

Then, I drove by the house we used to live in when I was in high looked about the same, only my parents were lawn freaks and the yard was always manicured perfectly when we lived there....the bushes seemed a little less manicured and the lawn was actually just a big mass of crabgrass, which my Dad would NEVER have allowed, but, still much the same as it was when we lived there, right down to the lamp in the middle of the jasmine shrubs:
My brother and I had the two front bedrooms, so, our windows faced the street and I'd like to tell you I snuck out my window, but, I didn' brother on the other hand.....however, I did have a boy or two sneak in....until Dad had the alarm put on the house, then, sneaking in or out was NOT AN OPTION....those parts of high school were fun, but, the rest, blecthghghsh! Most of my fun was had outside of school funcitons, lot's of partying at various homes where parents were gone for the weekend....even ours on time the WHOLE varsity football team showed up just to kick my brother's friend's ass.....we called the cops on ourselves that night. Ah, the memories....just keep flooding back.

Well, that's enough wandering down memory lane.....maybe the only thing about my high school that I actually liked was our mascot - A Mustang -
we were (they still are) the MIGHTY, MIGHTY MUSTANGS!
I've received an email from the Alumni advising of a 25 year reunion...however I did not enjoy the 20th, so, I won't be attending the makes me feel old.

Been to your old high school? Have any memories you want to share?



Sharon Rose said...

Nice post. About that algebra, you may want to take a peak at my sister's post. She has just started her second semester of college. she is going to be a nurse. Her "moment" with math was interesting this past Monday.
You can find her at:

Sharon Rose said...

I don't have great memories of high school. I am very glad those years are over. When I can look at them without all the emotions, I may do a post.

Brian Miller said...

you know i kinda look forward to my 20th reunion in 2011...i was a late bloomer, and some of the cool kids were early wilters...its terrible i know...i was weird in high school...goth before goth?

Mari Mansourian said...

tagged you for an award today on my blog... go claim please :)

rxBambi said...

I just went to my 20th and I had a great time. Some memories that were drug up from the depths of my deep dark mind were not all that pleasant, but for the most part we all focused on the good stuff.

An Open Heart said...

Pastor Sharon - I read your Sister's post...He is always there with us, teaching and guiding!
I don't usually dwell in the past and all of those old emotions, but, the trip to the high school definitely brought soem stuff up.

Brian - I highly recommend going to your 20th - it was an eye opener for me, I just am not compelled to see anyone again just 5 years later....

Mari - thank you for the award I'll pick it up with tonight's post - my 100th!

rxBambi - I believe you did have a good time! I just don't have any connections left over from high school and didn't even reconnect with anyone at the event.....water under the bridge.