Wednesday, August 19, 2009

"I never feel lonely in the kitchen. Food is very friendly." Julia Child

I do find that food is very friendly. I find comfort in the kitchen. Preparing a meal is like manufacturing love with your bare hands, (or with knives, pots, pans and a cuisinart), either way, it is a manifestation of love. I saw the film Julie & Julia today and I loved it. I knew I would, because, well, let's be serious here, FOOD AND BLOGGING at the same time, YEAH BABY! And, I promised myself I would NOT write a review of the movie, in fact I made myself swear to myself not to even mention that I'd seen the film, however, I was sooooo inspired by it that I could not help myself.

I was not necessarily inspired by Julie Powell's blogging her way through Julia Child's "Mastering the Art of French Cooking", but, by Julia Child, whom I never paid any attention to before today. What a waste of time... especially for someone who loves to cook and has dog earred and stained my copy of "The Joy of Cooking" for the greater part of 25 years. To not have EVER even sought out any of Julia Child's advice or instruction. I want to BE Julia Child now. Or, rather, live the life she lived. But, I'm susceptible that way, especially right now, what with the big decsions about my future looming on the horizon and not really knowing what's going to work. The one thing I know that works, is food.

Julia Child is such an inspiration because she went through life with unabashed gusto. I am only beginning to see how important this is. To live everyday as much as I can possibly live it. Revel in my circumstances, pay attention to each moment of my day and find the joy in that. Julia went for what she wanted and didn't let the naysayers quash her desire to study at the Cordon Bleu. She spent the better part of 10 years crafting the book and never let it get her down, she just kept plugging on. And, she was a happy person, she had humor and passion and she let them guide her. Ah, what a way to live!

It has been a sincere joy to have someone to prepare meals for since my roomie moved in, not to mention having the garden and all of the fresh options I have for dishes. I have not been elaborate, accept to incorporate fresh herbs, where I hadn't, before this garden. The meal above was from Friday night, simple, cold boiled shrimp, caprese (a standard around here this summer) and cream cheese stuffed purple bell peppers and orange/grape salad with white balsamic sprinkled on top. These meals have been inspiring in their own way, simple, refreshing and healthful without feeling like I'm on a diet(which I'm not although I probably should be). What has been inspiring about them, has been the ease with which I have been able to throw them together, having fun with my garden harvest and availability of a willing victim. Which brings me back to Julia and the inspiration garnered from her life, she really knew how to live and enjoyed doing it.

I did borrow a recipe from the movie itself, we had bruschetta this evening, a la' Julie Powell....
(picture doesn't do the Bruschetta justice)
Again, with tomatoes and basil from my own garden....we enjoyed some soft cheeses with it and a cantaloupe and grape salad as a compliment.

We masterfully devoured our meal and mooed the whole time. While uncomplicated, it was rich in per the movie, the bread was actually fried in olive oil...this made all the difference in the world....try it!



Brian Miller said...

yum...'manufacturing love with your bare hands' that line. food looks great!

Bonnie Zieman, M.Ed. said...

Fabulous post that creates a mere one word response from me: Moooooooooo

Mobius said...

Not to mention that she has such a great voice to imitate while you cook.