Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Adventures in the garden

I've noticed that my blogs have really taken a somber tone.....a more serious flavor and I miss the fun....wait, did I ever write any fun blogs? might have to check the archives. Anyway, thought I might write on the light side tonight! Check me out, eh? "write on the light side", see, I'm already killing myself, HA!
Let the adventures in the garden begin. I mentioned in yesterday's post that I picked about 100 lemon cucumbers, I swear that is not an exageration and then I did my best to share them all over the place. It was amazing the quantity that one plant put out. I love the garden, it gives me a sense of accomplishment and all I have to do is water it. I guess I can't really take credit for it, Mother Nature gets that right....wait, see, I think I already covered this in another blog....probably ought to stop IM'ing the nephew while I'm trying to write, eh? Sheesh...can't even multi task anymore, dang old timers.

Well, at least Texas has a story to tell, well, maybe....he likes to hunt for frogs in the zucchini plants, 'cept, we don't have no frogs in this garden:
He usually ends up with the end of his nose scraped up and dirt and dead weeds all over him, but, no frogs. He is actually very bad as catching any critters, in fact, he rarely even notices small critters even when they are right in front of him. I have to take the blame for that, he grew up in an apartment, poor kid. He's done a pretty good job of adapting to having a yard to hunt in, but, he's never really adapted his hunting skills.

And then, after a long day in the garden, the NAP:
He is significantly adept at the NAP....as you can see. "The heartbeat at my feet".

He makes me laugh all the time, I cannot imagine the garden being nearly as fun without him, my little peice of TEXAS!

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julochka said...

i'm amazed how fast the 4 seeds i planted of lemon cucumbers are growing. no blossoms yet, but i'm hopeful that we'll soon see them! yay for prolific plants!!