Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Simple things......

Christina, over at Soul Aperture asked the bloggy world to play with her and share some 'simple' things that we each love......I'm all for simplicity, so, here I go.....

A simple meal - pasta, sauce, a salad and some bread - even simpler, on the porch, on a easy summer eve

being able to cut my own basil for the evening meal, right from my backyard

pick my own cucumber for my salad

flip flops to wear out to the garden for the evening picking

a tall glass of ice water on a warm summer evening

the full moon peeking in my bedroom window as I write

a chocolate chip cookie for dessert....just one, with a glass of ice cold milk

the glow of the candle I light each night in reverence for the day I just lived......

1 comment:

Mari Mansourian said...

love your list... I'm playing along too :)