Monday, July 20, 2009

....and she finds the light.....

....or so she thinks......

After my prayer of gratitude this morning I went out into the world, distributing mass quantities of lemon cucumbers and used books to the used book store....AND, may have found a place to learn meditation and maybe some other cool spiritual stuff.  I literally typed into my web browser, "meditation roseville ca" and lo' and behold, I found a meditation center a mere 10 miles from my home! (this was pretty much how I found the Monastery, as well).  I did the necessary errands and then decided to head over to the meditation center. 

When I pulled in to the drive I got all goosepimply....and serene at the same could feel the peace all around.  I met with the director of the center and we toured the grounds and discussed my mission, to learn to find my path.  They have a beautiful place, what appears to be a massive house that has been turned into a meditation/yoga/retreat center, literally hidden in the middle of an older suburban neighborhood, right under my nose.....who would have thunk it?  I was figuring I'd have to go all the way to India to find nirvana....but, it is right here in my own backyard...what a gift!  The director was warm, inviting and serene....she listened and shared and I immediately felt like I belonged there, in fact, when we entered the meditation room I felt I had been there before, like I had dreamed about it. 

I begin instruction on Wednesday.....stay tuned!

P.S. to Julochka, I picked over 100 lemon cucumbers this morning....from one plant and there were many, many more I did not get to.....I passed out 12 bags with 1/2 dozen each......;-)

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