Thursday, September 3, 2009

10 More things about me that you may not know or even want to know.....

This is me with my new baby....isn't she purty? I'm still learning how to make her purr, so, I used myself as a guinea pig.....Anyhooooooo....I was tagged today by Liz at The Fragrant Muse to participate in a meme - (I still do not understand how a list of silly things about myself translates to a meme, but, hey, I'm game to play along). This list will be an addendum to a list published earlier in August (for those of you just discovering my blog). So, here goes:
1) I studied Shotokan Karate for a year and a half, I earned an orange belt.
2) I did not pass my driver's license test the first time - I did not obtain my driver's license until I was 17 (instead of 16).
3) At the ripe old age of 22 I drove all the way across the country and back.
4) I have 25 pairs of cowboy boots - 8 cowboy hats - two fancy belt buckles.
5) I used to line dance 3-4 times a week - I wore size 5 Wrangler's (yes, I had a great ass back then).
6) I've had breast reduction surgery.
7) I collect stuff - lots of stuff: frogs, horses, elephants, books, cd's, dogs, stationary, picture frames, hearts, well, you get the picture.......(I'm NOT a horder, just a collector, seriously).
8) I LOVE Christmas - I haven't forgotten the reason for the season, but, I sort of over-decorate, sort of.
9) ....kind of like Halloween, too.
10) I am CPR certified, did that this summer when trying to figure out how to find my way into the medical field.

And, one last one for good measure;
11) I have a magic wand - seriously, not one of those plastic ones you buy in the toy section, a reall magic wand that came to me from nature - I'll tell the story one day in a post......

So, now I guess I'm supposed to tag 10 people to continue the meme (I looked it up), but, since everytime I get sucked drawn into one of these, all the people I want to tag are already tagged, I've decided, I'm only going to tag two new bloggers, here they are by blog title:

I'll notify them of their fate and then, PLEASE show them some love and make it worth their while and visit them, eh?

So, off to finish my packing for Blog Camp - Reno !!!!!



Brian Miller said...

i have always wanted to drive across the country. maybe one day.

i've wore holes in the bottom of a few pair of cowboy books as well.

have fun with your new friend. smiles.

Indiri Wood said...

A size 5!?! Wow.

Think of the Christmas decorations as reminders, not distractions. Then you can't possibly over do it.

The magic wand sounds fascinating. Can't wait!

Fe said...

Ok I've been tagged, right I will come up with ten things for tomorrows post then.


Fe x

darsden said...

ooooh I so love your new baby and would love to have one too. I just have a wanna be Polaroid digital..Yehaw cowgirl rock on I have several myself but nothing compared to you. Me too no. 6, me too no. 7 lots of N.O.Saints,me tooo no.8, NEVER no. 5 LOL but oh a girl can dream :-) I love hearing about cha!

Mike said...

I WANT TO GO TO BLOG CAMP! BOO HOO BOO HOO! It would be a drive across the country for me!

darsden said...

I just got my happy in the mail, it is beautiful thank you so much for thinking of me and sending me a happy on YOUR 100th Post!!! Purple is my favorite color, what a great idea and I appreciate the work you put into it very much :-)
big {hugs} thank you again !!

Mari Mansourian said...

well look at ya go.... you nikon girl you :)

An Open Heart said...

Thank you all for your comments.....Otin, we wish you could go to blog camp too......

Dar, I hope you get some use out of your little chachkee..... ;o)

MLG said...

Thanks for the tag. It was harder than I thought but it was fun at the same time. Thanks again.

Pat said...

Hey - which Nikon did you buy? I can't tell by the picture. I wanted to buy the D60, but they didn't have one of the lenses in stock that came with the kit. So I settled for the D40. I've been happy with it. Still learning the ins and outs of it. I've taken a couple of classes provided by the camera store on digital photography in general. I just purchased a video on the D40 so I'll let you know how it is.

25 pairs of cowboy boots? Seriously? Where the heck do you store them? LOL!

rxBambi said...

Uhohhh... I don't have karate chop repellent...

Liz Fulcher, The Fragrant Muse said...

I love your list! Isn't it fun to learn new things about our friends? Okay, 25 pairs of cowboy boots? Really? I need a photograph of that please. With all that line dancing no wonder you wore a size 5...and with those pre-reduction breasts, well, I can only imagine how popular with the cowboys!

I think it's wonderful that you celebrate the seasons with festive decorating!

Thanks for being a good sport and playing along!