Tuesday, September 1, 2009

"I love living. I have some problems with my life, but living is the best thing they've come up with so far." Neil Simon

I have to put a shout out to all of those who shared in my last post....thank you for your kind words.....they made all the difference!

You know, it's already fall....I know, the calendar doesn't say it's fall yet, but, let me tell you, the sun is already different.....it arrives at a different angle every morning and it departs a little earlier every evening....and the lighting, oh, the lighting is magnificent! I am but an infant in my photography knowledge and skill, but, I do understand lighting, and the lighting nature gives us is ethereal in fall.

Feeling that fall is already here may have added to my restlessness, fall does that to me....it nature's notification that our world is dying in preparation of being reborn again and maybe I feel a little like that right now.

Because I've been really noticing that fall is creeping in I went out to the garden tonight to capture some of the wonderful gifts mother nature has given me this year, in their best light.....reveling in their best light, I captured one of the gigantic pumpkins (above) my garden has given me. I took several photos, editing them a little each and savoring their beauty. This field trip was as much an exercise in photography as it was an exericise in stopping and looking, reviewing what is right in front of me.
Each of the pumkins is like a morsel of happiness I want to savor...how can one not be happy when playing in a pumpkin patch....just look at the color - orange that only mother nature can produce. I got down low and tried to get different angles on my subjects taking pleasure in their uniqueness, luxuriating in their massiveness.....(there are three pumpkins out in the garden that I think are going to have to be lifted out with some piece of heavy equiptment).
I realized after my little field trip that my life is a good life....and, like Neil said, living is the best thing they've come up with so far....so, I just have to remind myself to go out and get some perspective when I'm feeling restless and regretful, because, seriously, living life one second at a time really is the best thing you can do.


Mike said...

Nice Pumpkin patch! Do you ever see Charlie Brown walking around looking for "The Great Pumpkin"?? haha!

Cwybrow said...

Pumpkin SOUP and roast pumpkin and pumpkin scones and PIE...so much happiness!

Brian Miller said...

you are right about appreciating different perspectives and living life one second ata time...love the pumpkins...they are full of seeds to grow other pumpkins...so are your words...

Pat said...

"Holy Casabamelons, Batman! Look at the size of those melons!"

"That's a sexist remark, Robin!"

"I'm talking about her pumpkins!"

"That's even worse!"

Nice shots of Mother Nature's gifts. I love roasting the pumpkin seeds and munching on them.

An Open Heart said...

Otin, I AM Charlie Brown.....I host a great pumpkin dinner every year in lieu of a halloween party....Where I serve pumpkin soup and 'other' pumpkin culinary delights - Omchelsea!

Brian, great catch on the seeds..... ;o)

Sharon Rose said...

Lovely pictures. . . enjoying strolling through life with ya.

An Open Heart said...

Pat- hahahhaahahahahahahha!

Sharon....glad to have you along.

Kristin @ Going Country said...

I just love pumpkins. Not so much the eating of them, but their delightful rotundity and the startling color of them. They're like the garden's stop signs.